Custom Retreats



The most efficient way to do healing work is in a private retreat. The hectic pace of life in modern cities makes it impossible for people to completely unplug and dedicate 100% of their attention to healing. 

The potency of nature in Costa Rica is a crucial component to a fully immersed healing process. Your body can attune to the natural rhythms of the environment through the sounds of the water, wind, and wildlife while you relax in the volcanic mineral rich thermal river. 




Psycho Natural Therapy specializes in private custom intensive healing retreats that range from 3-30 days. Themes include:

  • Reset/Retune - feel more connected and confident in life

  • Rites of Passage, Ritual, and Outdoor Adventure!

  • Intimacy development program for couples or singles

  • Pharmaceutical and substance detox and recovery

  • Ancestral and epigenetic healing

  • Autoimmune disorders & disease

  • Terminal illness anxiety

Retreat work can begin well before you arrive. You will receive assignments specific for your healing intentions. We will chat weekly prior to your trip and follow up weekly when you return home.  

We all deserve the opportunity to recharge and heal in powerfully beautiful enviromnets of mother nature.

If you’re interested in co-creating a customized experience, please CONTACT us to discuss your options.